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AJA FS2 2-kanal Universal Converter

von: AJA Video

Bestell-Nr.: AJA-BR-FS2

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Produktinformationen "AJA FS2 2-kanal Universal Converter"

I/Os AudioAES
I/Os Audioanalog
I/Os AudioSDI
I/Os AudioHDMI
I/Os VideoHDMI
I/Os Videooptical
I/Os VideoYUV
I/Os VideoSDI
I/Os Videoanalog
I/Os Optical
I/Os Remote
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Dual Independent 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Video Frame Synchronizers, along with Dual 16 Channel Audio Processors, Equal a World of Possibility

The FS2 can simultaneously work with two independent streams of 3G/HD/SD 10-bit Broadcast quality video and two independent groups of 16 channel AES audio. Each FS2 video channel supports virtually any input or output: analog component or composite, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Dual-Link and HDMI I/O. You can use the FS2 as two separate Frame Synchronizers/Format Converters, or combine the channels in a variety of powerful ways- for example HD sidebar keying where both the video and background graphics are upconverted and combined. To expand your possibilities further, each channel possesses its own still-store, keyer, and video proc amp/color corrector. The FS2 can up- or down-convert between SD and HD, and cross-convert between HD formats- including 3G 1080p50/60 formats. Additionally, the FS2 has full input and output signal routing, allowing any I/O port to be assigned to either processing channel.

For audio, the FS2 has two audio processors- each processor supporting 16-channel AES/EBU digital audio, 16 channel embedded audio, and 8-channel balanced analog audio with a variety of controls for maximum flexibility.

The FS2 supports closed captioning and the conversion of closed captioning between SD and HD formats- including full conversion between CEA-608 and CEA-708 caption standards. The FS2 is also network ready, supporting SNMP monitoring and web-based remote control. A 3rd-party Remote Control Panel is available (contact your AJA dealer- or AJA directly, for more information).

Options available on the FS2 include Dolby® E Encoding, Dolby® E Decoding, and 3G/HD/SD Optical Fiber I/O.

With support of all broadcast video formats the FS2 makes matching up disparate video and audio systems simple - one converter box does it all. The FS2 is ideally suited for broadcast facilities, production trucks and other rapidly changing environments.

Typical Applications

The FS2 can be used for a wide variety of video and audio signal conversion, adaptation, timing, and processing applications:

• Up/Down/Cross convert between various SD and HD formats including 1080p50/60.
• General purpose video frame synchronization.
• Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog audio/video conversion.
• Mux or Demux two separate HD signals from one 3G SDI signal.
• Convert 3G/HD/SD video over fiber to/from SDI (BNC).
• Use the built-in video processing amplifiers to adjust and/or color correct.
• Synchronize the timing of key and fill signals by putting both through the parallel FS2 video channels and adjusting their timing independently. Then key them using one of the two FS2 keyers or an external keyer.
• Use the HDMI input and a DVI to HDMI cable to scan-convert popular computer video formats to SD or HD, including full proc-amp functionality and aspect ratio adjustment (future firmware release).
• HD Sidebar keying including using both SD video and SD sidebar graphics (analog or digital), upconverting both, and combining- all inside the FS2.
• Dolby® E encoding and decoding with full channel mapping (optional).

Ease of Control...

• Built-in front panel control via scrolling alphanumeric and graphical menu system
• Buttons and Rotary Knobs for quick setting changes
• Front panel LED status indicators for at-a-glance system monitoring
• Web-based remote control over 10/100/1000 Ethernet via an internal web server
• Four isolated TTL GPI inputs and outputs for contact closure control
• Optional Remote Control Panel

Incredible I/O and Format Support

The FS2 can generally convert any input format to any output format, as long as the frame rates are of the same "family." (The three families are 59.94/29.97/23.98, 50/25, and 60/30/24.) Whenever an incompatible I/O format is detected, the operator is notified (alarms/status-messages). Connector sources and destinations are controlled via crosspoint matrix selections on the input and output of both FS2 channels (select from web UI or front panel).


Video Features

Dual Video format converters each featuring SD/HD (up/down), SD-to-SD (aspect ratio), and HD-to-HD (720/1080 cross) conversions
Dual Video processors supporting proc amp and color correction
Dual Frame Synchronizers
Dual video/key framestores downloadable from the local area network
User-specified custom format conversion settings with variable crop, size, aspect, and position parameters
Dual flexible Keyers for video/key overlays or sidebar keying from the two Video processors, the two internal video/key framestores, or internal matte generators.
Closed captioning support featuring true conversion between EIA 608 and 708 (SD and HD) CC formats
Active Format Description (AFD) support
Scan convert computer formats via a DVI to HDMI cable (future firmware release)
Dual 3G/HD/SD SDI I/O with embedded audio
Dual 3G/HD/SD Optical Fiber I/O (optional)
HDMI I/O supporting 3D HDMI output
Component/Composite analog HD/SD video I/O, 12 bit
Looping reference input with flexible genlock

Audio Features

Dual audio processors each supporting 16 channel audio with full channel mapping
16-channel AES/EBU, 8-channel balanced analog I/O
16-channel embedded audio I/O with full mapping
AFV (audio follows video) support
Optional Dolby E encoding and decoding


Built-in front panel control via scrolling alphanumeric and graphical menu
Front panel LED status indicators for at-a-glance system monitoring
Web-based remote control over 10/100/1000 Ethernet via an internal web server
Four isolated TTL GPI inputs and outputs for contact closure control.
Two fully redundant power supplies standard
Optional remote control panel
5 Year Warranty with unlimited technical support


Video Inputs and Outputs:
• Dual SDI inputs and outputs:
- Dual-link 1080p60, 1080p59.94,
- 1080p50, YCbCr (4:2:2),
- SMPTE 259-C/274/292/372/425-A/425-B
• HDMI Input (RGB or YCbCr 4:2:2)
• HDMI Output (YCbCr 4:2:2)
• HD component YPbPr/RGB (RGB is output only), SMPTE-274
• SD component/composite
• Reference Input (color black or tri-level)
• Optional: 2 fiber inputs and 2 fiber outputs via SFP modules/LC connectors available from AJA

Video A/D, D/A:
• 12-bit
• 2x oversampled (HD)
• 4x oversampled (SD)

Audio Inputs and Outputs:
• 8 Channel Balanced, 25 pin D (Tascam pinout)
• 16 Channel AES/EBU 25 pin D
• 32 Input Channel Mapping
• 16 Channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI Embedded

Audio A/D, D/A:
• 24-bit, 48Khz

Audio levels:
• +12dBu, +15dBu, +18dBu, +24dBu (Full Scale Digital)

• 10/100/1000 Ethernet
• Embedded Webserver
• HTTP v1.1

• 4x GPI input, TTL, isolated
• 4x GPI output, TTL, isolated

• 1 RU
• Depth: 15.5 inches (39.37 cm) (front panel to the back of the deepest connector)
• Fan cooled

• 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
• 40 watts
• Fully Redundant
• Diode isolated

• Dolby® E Encoding
• Dolby® E Decoding
• Optical Fiber I/O
• Remote Control Panel (3rd Party)

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