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Adapter für DSLR - Line zu Mic mit Dämpfung, 1m

von: Sescom

Bestell-Nr.: SC-LN2MIC-35DB3

Audio Adapter für DSLRs

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Produktinformationen "Adapter für DSLR - Line zu Mic mit Dämpfung, 1m"

Anschluss3.5 mm Klinke
Kabellänge1 m

Sescom LN2MIC-TASDR100 3.5mm Line to Mic with 35dB Attenuator

New specialty cable products that solve interface problems with todays Canon, Nikon, Pentex and Panasonic DSLR setups. Many professional DSLR cameras have unbalanced stereo mic level audio inputs on a mini TRS 3.5mm jack. Manufacturers do this to save valuable space in the camera interface. With the age of professional pocket recorders that can produce very high quality sound, such as the the Sony PCMD50 or a Samson Zoom H4N, came devices that output different line level audio signals. To avoid using klunky XLR type attenuators that can produce heavy strain on the cameras mic input connector, these little cables will provide the proper mic levels and preserve the delicate connector contacts inside your expensive camera.

This cable features a -35dB L Pad attenuator on audio channels to reduce Professional Line Level output (+4dBu) to the camera mic input sweet spot level.

The cable is designed with the proper impedances to assure maximum voltage transfer and low noise operation. The cable shield is isolated on the camera end to prevent shield noise from directly coupling into the camera connector ground. The cable allows users to go directly from the audio recorder into the camera, creating a compact and elegant interface solution. All resistors values are 1% metal film to assure similar voltage attenuation between the stereo inputs. Cable ends are labeled for proper connection.


  • Length = 1 m
  • Audio Input Level: +4dBu (1.737pp) USA Professional Line Level
  • Input Impedance: 5K ohms
  • Audio Output Level: Approx. 31mV
  • Output Impedance: 92 ohms
  • Compatibile with the following DSLR cameras:
    • Canon: EOS 5D, EOS 7D, EOS 550D Rebel T2i, EOS 60D, EOS 600D rebel t3i
    • Nikon: D7000, D300S

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