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Audio-Umschalter für iPhone / iPad / iPod oder andere MP3 Player

von: Sescom

Bestell-Nr.: SC-ABSWITCH

Umschalter für iPad, iPod oder MP3 Player

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Produktinformationen "Audio-Umschalter für iPhone / iPad / iPod oder andere MP3 Player"

Anschluss3.5 mm Klinke

Sescom AB-SWITCH iPod/MP3 Player 3.5mm Stereo Audio A/B Switch

The Sescom SES-AB-SWITCH A/B switch solves the common issue of two source selection of 3.5mm stereo sources such as iPods, Computers, Android Smart Phones and iPhone Smartphones, iMacs, MP3 players, PC Sound Card outputs and more! Requires no power and can be used bidirectional. Saves wear and tear on constant equipment connects and disconnects.

The SES-AB-SWITCH features a "center-off" rocker switch for disabling the audio source it's housed in a rugged aluminum cabinet. Rear mounted 3.5mm TRS connections.


  • Connecting Dual Computers/iPods or MP3 Players to Your House System
  • Switch Line Level Inputs to Amplifiers, Mixers or PCs
  • Switch Line Level Outputs between Amps, Mixers or PCs
  • Switch Your Sound Card Output Between Headphones for Private Listening and Multimedia Speakers for General Listening
  • Switch Your Computer Output Between Two Sets of Reference Monitors
  • Bring Rear Mounted Computer Mini Jacks to Front of Desktop Machine
  • Great for Recording Multiple Sources with Audacity or Similar Software
  • Connections: Three 3.5mm Female TRS (3-Conductor) One Input/Output In Labeled "C" for Common, Two Outputs/Inputs Labeled "A" and "B" accordingly; "Bi-Directional"
  • All inputs/Outputs are on the back panel for neatness appearance from the front and cable management
  • Dimensions: 57 x 89 x 25 mm LWH

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