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Handheld SXA HDSDI Monitor - Generator


Bestell-Nr.: PH-SXA

portabler Hand-Generator/Analyzer

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I/Os VideoSDI
I/Os Video3G
I/Os AudioSDI
I/Os AudioAES

The new PHABRIX SxA is World's first 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI portable video test signal generator, monitor and analyser plus AES audio testing and monitoring . Never before has a hand held testing instrument combined three toolsets in the one handheld product - Generator, Analyzer and Monitor.

It is this functionality which has caught the imagination of the professional broadcast and manufacturing engineer who needs a compact and easy to use solution for both in-studio support and for applications which suit the SxA's portability. The cost comparisons between the SxA and many bench bound solutions make it a real opportunity for an organisation to purchase several units for the workplace instead of sharing a single unit which has resulted in the SxA becoming PHABRIX's best selling test and measurement instrument.

Simplicity in Use

The SxA's intuitive interface and logical workflow allows the professional engineer to quickly select from generator, analyzer and monitor toolsets. Feedback is smooth and interactive clearly displaying a full range of test patterns, both static and animated on its large 4.3" 16:9 colour TFT screen.

State-of-the-Art Technology

PHABRIX's architecture means it is always the first to benefit from new technologies and advancements. Our customers can rely on the latest technology and maximum security for their investment. Upgrades are available via password protected codes which can be downloaded and entered into the SxA on-the-fly. Firmware upgrades too use the in-built ethernet or USB connection to enter software as it becomes available either by email on our support plan or via the website under Support.

Toolset makes it suitable for all industries

The SxA offers Auto Bi-level, Tri-level and SDI genlock with cross lock capability which is so important for a range of broadcast applications. The combined audio features of the SxA include support for 16 channels of embedded audio to complete the suite of functions. The AES functionalityof the PHABRIX SxA allows the user to embed a single external 48kHz syncronous AES stream into the generated video stream. Audio de-embed using the SxA's analyzer function allows the user to receive a video stream with embedded audio on one of the AES pairs, stripping the audio to be exported onto the AES output - a useful function for those working with a Dolby DM100.

The PHABRIX SxA also has a built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity for remote operation allowing an engineer to interrogate the Sx in the field where it may have been left for field trials of equipment and the sophisticated data logging function is required.

The core device contains a generator, analyzer and monitor with support for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI. Using simple button press control and the colour coded menu system, each of the different instruments can be selected within three presses. Specific set-up preferences can be saved into the memory making the SxA personal to the specific user if required ready to be used on repeat tasks where commssioning of equipment is important.

The SxA is ideal for studio, OB, and lab environments operating from either the internal battery or via the included mains adaptor.

There is a PHABRIX Sx available to satisfy the needs of every engineer and industry that utilizes test and measurement equipment. Take a tour using our downloadable simulation available from the menu under downloads to see the difference focussed technology and creative application from PHABRIX is set to impress a worldwide audience.

Display resolution  

480 x 272 pixels auto scaling

Display type  
16:9 24 bit colour TFT
Display size  
95 x 54 mm
All digital
 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
Bi/Tri/SDI with cross lock
Adjustable timing  
0 to 1 Frame
Text Ident  
Yes with font, colour and point size
Logo ident  
Yes (SD-SDI)
10 bits
Static Test patterns  
32+ including full frame
Moving Zone Plate  
User defined  

A full list of supported SMPTE formats for 3G, HD and SD can be supplied on request

Internal speaker  
0.5 watts
Audio DAC  
24 bit stereo
Headphone socket  
3.5 mm with auto line out
48 kHz 20-bit (SD-SDI) 24-bit (HD-SDI)
16 channel embedded audio  
 AES output  

 1 x 75 Ohm BNC

 AES intput  

 1 x 75 Ohm BNC



Fixed tones  
Variable tones  
1 Hz-24 Khz in 1Hz steps
Intermittent Tone  
White noise generation  
Audio levels variable  
0 to -100dB in 1dB steps
Audio phase invert  
Navigation panel
5 menu keys 8 custom select/program
Integral battery supply
Internal Storage
1GB (upgradable)
Remote control

Web browser interface

Carry case

AC power supply


Kensington lock fitting

H:92mm W: 225mm D: 42mm

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Download Datenblatt SXA

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