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K-10 Color Analyzer

von: Klein Instruments

Bestell-Nr.: KL-K10UL

für professionelle Anwendungen, mit USB Anschluß und "long-distance" Optik für Messung mit einem Abstand von ca. 3 Metern.

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Produktinformationen "K-10 Color Analyzer"

KLEIN K-10 Color Analyzer Probe

für professionelle Anwendungen, Wahlweise mit USB oder RS232 Anschluß und "long-distance" Optik für Messung mit einem Abstand von ca. 3 Metern oder "short-distance" Optik für Messung mit einem Abstand von ca. 10 Zentimetern.

PC based light meter for LCD, Plasma, CRT, LED and more displays, Luminance Range 0,0002 to 10,000 cd/m2, Windows software

The K-10 is specifically designed for LCD displays. It is so smart that it can measure all luminous display technologies, such as Plasma(PDP's), LED & OLED types, CRT's, FED's & much more.

The Klein K-10 Incident CIE Colorimeter Probe is a modified, lensed version of the Klein K-1. It is specifically designed to measure LCD displays but also measures many other displays. The K-10 is designed to be the best colorimeter in sensitivity, stability and speed. It attaches directly to a pc, and runs with the companion pc program.

  • Large Photodiodes. Diodes that are 5mm x 5mm each, along with thermally stable components, are combined to report the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Exceptionally Accurate Filters. Not only is the f1’ of Y critical but the accuracy of X and Z as well. See the actual Klein vs CIE graph, on the technical page.
  • Light Mixing Chamber. This ensures all the diodes see the same light and virtually eliminates any x,y variations by turning the probe clockwise or counter clockwise.
  • Quick Measurements. The head takes 256 measurements per second, even at low light. For readability, 8 measurements per second is displayed.
  • FFT Flicker Meter: Probe measures & integrates Y data in the head, and streams in real time to the pc, and a Fast Fourier Transform is performed. JEITA method.
  • Gamma Testing. Luminance measurements are taken from 100% video to 0% video in 10% increments. Y gamma is displayed along with the data and graphs.
  • Klein pc Program. Create calibration files & set measuring parameters. Then data log, graph and export. The pc program manages the data in an easy to use interface.
  • 8 Bright LED's. LED's projecting through a 62mm focal length lens and focusing on a display, define the measurement area. Acceptance angle is +/- 5 degrees.
  • Rugged Construction. The K-10’s auto ranging is solid state and the case is impact resistant to hold up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week required usage that manufacturing plants require.
  • Included items are the the pc program and a certificate of calibration.

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