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KAON - Kabel Simulation für Belden 8281 (RG59) - 3 Gbit/s

von: DSMB

Bestell-Nr.: DS-DSC150C4

Kaskadierbare Kabel Simulation

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Produktinformationen "KAON - Kabel Simulation für Belden 8281 (RG59) - 3 Gbit/s"

BauformKleine Box
AnwendungCable Clone
Kabellänge10 m
Kabellänge20 m
Kabellänge40 m
Kabellänge80 m
Datenrate3 Gbit/s

Cable Clone- Belden 8281 (RG59) - kaskadierbar - 10 / 20 / 40 / 80 m

The new advanced KAONTM Cable SIM replaces the more dated Cable Clones in order to better meet the needs of the market with advancements in signal frequencies used in standard, high and super high definition systems with bit rates of 270Mbs, 560Mbs, 1.5Gbs and 3.0Gbs.

To aid the testing of equipment with SDI outputs and the setting up of SDI studio installations with serial digital signals, as used in video systems, it is often necessary to
ensure that a driver can support the length of cable the specification demands. Alternatively, in an installation it may be necessary to ensure that the received signal is not too close to the knee point and at risk of 'falling over' should a little more attenuation be introduced. The safety margin is usually called head room. Both these operations can be achieved
by plugging in lengths of cable but this is inconvenient and costly. An alternative is to simulate the effect of the cable by a lumped constant network.

The amplitude and group delay (phase) response of the cable is reproduced by a passive network with sufficient accuracy to simulate the effect of the cable on the SDI signal.


  • 3D 3G/HD/SD cable simulator
  • Supports SMPTE 259M/292M/297M/424M
  • Various cable types available
  • DC to 4GHZ
  • Lightweight passive device

Technical Specs

  • Type: DCS150C4
  • Signal Formats supported: 3D/3G/HD/SD
  • Frequency range: DC TO 4GHz
  • Qualified for cable type: Belden 8281 (RG59)
  • Simulation of: 10m 20m 40m 80m in 4 Sections

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