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LTC Timecode Reader als PCIe Karte

von: Adrienne Electronics

Bestell-Nr.: AE-PCIeLTCRDR

Timecode Reader für PCs

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Produktinformationen "LTC Timecode Reader als PCIe Karte"

AnwendungTimecode Reader
I/Os VideoLTC


Our fifth generation of timecode boards. These boards fit into PCI Express x1 through x16 slots, both standard height (by default, shown at right) and low profile (see pictures below, LOWB option). All boards include a high performance on-board processor, a green-colored external time code status LED, system diagnostics, in-system electronic software updates, plug and play installation (no jumpers), software drivers, full RoHS compliance, full FCC and CE-Mark approval, and automatic SMPTE/NTSC(30fps), EBU/PAL(25fps), and FILM(24fps) operations. Analog video circuitry can synchronize to 13 different video standards, including 720p and 1080i signals having tri-level sync pulses. RCA jacks are standard for LTC, and a BNC connector is used for video/VITC. 4-channel GPIO option available for external logic interfacing.

LTC reader, bi-directional, 1/10x to 80x, simultaneous time and user bits, DF/NDF. The PCI express bus equivalent of our older PCI-LTC/RDR board. This version has only one connector at the 'J1' position. An RCA connector is the default (standard).

Technical Specs:

  • Model: AEC-PCIe Card LTC/RDR
  • LTC input: BNC jack
  • LTC input level: 100mVpp to 5Vpp are readable
  • LTC Input impedance: > 10kohms.
  • Readings speeds: Reads all LTC bits simultaneously, at speeds 1/10x to 80x, bi-directional, DF/NDF, in both the forward and reverse directions. SMPTE/NTSC, EBU/PAL and Film frame rates (30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98, ...)
  • Dimensions: short PCIe card
  • Weight: 90 g
  • RoHS compliant & CE mark approved

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