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Professional DV Keyboard AVID (Pinnacle) Liqid

von: Bella USA

Bestell-Nr.: BK-5206

integriertes Jog/Shuttle

ansteckbares LED Licht

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Professional DV Keyboard AVID (Pinnacle) Liqid
+ HD Mouse

Produktinformationen "Professional DV Keyboard AVID (Pinnacle) Liqid"

SoftwarePinnacle Liquid
AusstattungLED Leuchte

BELLA Professional Keyboard Pinnacle Liquid

The Ultimate Video Editing Keyboard
The Professional Series 3.0 is the ultimate line of editing keyboards, delivering features, speed, and flexibility right at your fingertips.

Our patented, built-in jog/shuttle controller and Specialty Keys makes editing easier, giving you much more control over your audio and video clips without your hands ever having to leave the keyboard. And with this latest generation of the Professional Series keyboards, we've added the NeoLite, a task light that plugs directly into the keyboards, and two USB 2.0 ports for a direct connection to your high-speed media devices. You will also learn your application quicker and edit faster with the program-specific, color and icon-coded keycaps. With multimedia keys, easily installed software, a built-in wrist rest, and being able to use the Pro Series 3.0 keyboard as a standard keyboard with all of your favorite applications, the Professional Series 3.0 is the top-choice of professional video editors.

NeoLite: Don't Be Caught in the Dark!

The Pro Series 3.0 now includes the NeoLite. The NeoLite is a task light featuring dual LEDs and a 12 inch flexible gooseneck that plugs into any of three power ports in the keyboard leaving all USB ports free. Use the NeoLite to illuminate the keyboard or the workspace around it.

Unique Jog/Shuttle Controller

Having the jog/shuttle right at your fingertips allows you to edit more efficiently and feel more connected to your audio and video clips, all without your hands ever having to leave the keyboard.

The shuttle (outer) ring allows play and hold at the speed you want (turns 90 degrees in either direction), while the jog (inner) wheel allows more finite frame by frame control: the faster you spin the wheel, the faster your video moves. Bella has also included two Specialty Keys which can be programmed for commonly used commands, such as Mark In and Mark Out. Editing your videos has never been easier!

High-Speed Connectivity with USB 2.0

The Pro Series 3.0 keyboards offer another industry first: USB 2.0 connectivity for your high-speed media devices. This allows you a direct connection in your keyboard for devices such as Apple’s iPod, flash devices, and USB hard drives. Also, the Pro Series 3.0 now includes International Symbols on the keys which allow access to most European letters and symbols.

DV Keyboard 3.0 (MAC/PC Hybrid) USB2 - with Pinnacle Liquid  Keycaps (part #9906) installed
includes NeoLite

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