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RD1-PV-1B6F-RA 4K IDX Style V-Mount Battery Plate with Direct LEMO 1B

von: LAIRD Digital Cinema

Bestell-Nr.: LA-RD1-PV-1B6F-RA

für Red Cameras

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Produktinformationen "RD1-PV-1B6F-RA 4K IDX Style V-Mount Battery Plate with Direct LEMO 1B"

AnschlussLEMO 1B6
Kabellänge0,50 m

Designed featuring a Right Angle LEMO 1B 12VDC 20" cable lead Laird is adding value, convenience and more usability to an IDX Style V-Mount Battery Plate with the RD1-PV-1B6F-RA. Manufactured especially for RED ONE EPIC and SCARLET digital cinema cameras it works well with many other cameras and equipment. This is a rugged V-Plate to convert cameras without a rear V-Mount battery connection, so that any of the V-Mount ENDURA batteries among others can be easily attached, and this custom version adds a Right Angle LEMO 1B 12VDC 20" output lead. Designed with multiple mounting holes to fit virtually all professional video cameras, with the added advantage of a built-in 2-pin D-Tap DC output as well. The RD1-PV-1B6F can also be used as the V-Mount adaptor for many manufactures' monitors, displays, test instruments and more.

  • IDX Style V-Mount Battery Plate with Permanent 20" Epic/Scarlet LEMO 1B Cable Lead
  • 20" cable extends to reach additional modules
  • Ultra High Quality Locking LEMO 1B Cable Lead With Gold Contacts
  • The attached power output cable allows you to plug directly into the RED EPIC or SCARLET or any 12VDC LEMO 1B connectorized equipment and without using up the P-Tap output of the battery plate, which will now be accessible for powering other gear
  • D-Tap connection for auxiliary accessories (70w max) is not used for the LEMO 1B cable output and therefore available for powering other gear
  • IDX or other V-Mount Batteries sold separately
  • Multiple mounting holes for universal camera connection
  • Digi-View data connectors are fitted as standard on both models. Digital battery capacity data from the ENDURA ELITE, E-10 and E-7 can be transferred through the P-V2 and P-VS2 to compatible viewfinders found in most cameras. For accuracy and detail, remaining capacity is shown in steps of 1%
  • Precise tooling and high-grade components enhance a design that offers a secure lock onto the battery for an exact fit connecting the mount's power terminals
  • Pre-wired power connectors fitted as standard, eliminating the need for manual screw connection
  • 50W 2-pin D-Tap connector uses battery voltage to power an onboard camera light or broadcast accessory

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